Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hueco Trip 2010/11

This year's Hueco trip was indescribable. So many good times and memories to look back on would make this a really long post, so I'll keep it brief.

I spent yet another New Year's in Hueco Tanks State Park, and had an amazing trip with the crew this time around: Charlie Andrews, Tris Sampson, Tyler and Jesse Youngwerth, and coach Joe Czerwinski. We had some pretty epic adventures, including tent parties, hospital runs, moving campsites multiple times, getting completely snowed out, pitching tents (into the trash can) and getting saved by Jen, our amazing guide for the week.

I was able to tick off some pretty classic sends, including The Egg (v8), Dirty Martini on the Rocks (v9), Javelina (v8), Sex After Death (v8), Big Iron on His Hip (v7), Star Power (v5), and Jingus Bells (best problem EVER) (v5). I also came close on Tequila Sunrise (v12), but ended up chipping part of the start hold, so I decided to give that a rest until I find better beta or just get stronger.

Here are some pictures from the trip. They document our adventures better than I ever could describe.

El Burro v3
photo: Joe Czerwinski

2011 Crew! photo: Jen Atkin
left to right:
Jesse Youngwerth, Tris Sampson, Charlie Andrews, Joe Czerwinski, Tyler Youngwerth, Josh Levin

Right Donkey Show v5
photo: Joe Czerwinski

Sex After Death v8
photo: Joe Czerwinski

Snow in Hueco!

Driving into town on New Year's

Campground ice

Tris on Big Iron On His Hip v7

Charlie on a highball on East

Tris on Sex After Death

Tyler feeling the holds on Sex After Death

Charlie post-send on Jingus Bells v5


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